Our Unique Jigsaw - LOW STOCK

Our Unique Jigsaw - LOW STOCK

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Our Brothers Trust jigsaw was designed by our friend Jess @jmurhop and made by Wentworth Puzzles here in the UK. Beautiful and unique wooden puzzles with specially designed ‘whimsy’ pieces associated with the story of our Trust and which we hope will add to your fun.

These puzzles are fiendishly clever and addictive, so be warned! We hope you spend many happy hours with it.

The fun aside, this is an important fundraising venture for our Trust with all proceeds going to EBRP and Debra UK. Two charities dedicated to funding research to find a cure for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Clinical trails are in place and aggressive targets of a cure within a decade have been set. By supporting this venture, you are a part of this worthy and noble aim.

Since our Trust was established, we have met some remarkable young people with EB. Brave people who live with unimaginable hardship. James Dunn who used his photography as an escape and a distraction from his pain. And young Freddie Fincham who brimmed with cheeky verve and gusto. But an unfair fight, both young men were overwhelmed by their disease but their spirit inspires everyone who met them to take up their fight, so that Ray Keeble born with EB just last year might be a patient with a much better outcome.

A worthy legacy for James, Freddie and the many other sufferers before them.

Named after her grandad Ray, who died of Covid and never saw his granddaughter, baby Ray is aptly named because her plight can act as a Ray of Hope. By purchasing this puzzle, you are a part of Ray’s Hope and of EBRP’s mission.

We hope that you have great fun with your puzzle. That you will complete it over and over and that you might share it with your friends and on your social media channels, so that others can join our community to help baby Ray and the thousands of sufferers all over the world.

EB will be defeated, and the sooner the better.

Thank you again for your support. #thebrotherstrustjigsaw #fightEB