Open Links by Dominic Holland

Open Links by Dominic Holland

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Open Links is a novel like no other - a book that can literally save lives. it was first published in 2014 by The Anthony Nolan Trust with all proceeds going to their efforts fighting blood cancer. Anthony Nolan has the world's largest register of bone marrow donors and every year they match many hundreds of people suffering with blood cancer and give them a vital chance of life. 

Their equation is a simple one; the more people on their register, the more people that they can save. And for this to happen requires two things - people like Tom, Sam and Harry who are willing to join this life saving register (info at and the funds of course. It costs Anthony Nolan £40 to collect and process each new stem cell donor, so roughly speaking, every four copies of Open Links that we sell will pay for a new donor and potential life saver. Each year, Anthony Nolan matches on average 1300 patients with stem cell donors from all over the world. Mums, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles... all with a chance of life that they would not have without the sterling efforts of this charity. 

Open Links has been updated and is being published by The Brothers Trust. Our Trust is meeting all printing costs of the novel and so every penny raised from the sales will be collected and donated to the Antony Nolan Trust.

It is a fun story which we hope that you will enjoy - but no matter, since buying the book alone is a great gesture and contribution to a noble cause. Thank you for your support. 

A small caveat to end...

Although a fairytale story - because Dominic has set this novel in the world of professional sport - there is some colourful language in some of the dialogue, so please be warned. Nothing gratuitous or worse than you might hear in normal life but vernacular all the same.    

“Have you ever said to yourself, only one more episode, well I said only one chapter more! This book was so heart warming and it was a book I needed in my life, it was really really hard to put it down. After finishing each chapter I was exited to see what would happen next! This book was a roller coaster of emotions and excitement. I am so happy that I get to read this amazing book and also contribute to a beautiful charity (Anthony nolan) , if anyone is wondering about buying this book, don’t think twice!”

“Dominic Holland should be top of the leaderboard with this golfing fairytale. With all proceeds going to the Anthony Nolan Trust and a heart-warming story to enjoy, it simply is a must read.”

“After a fairly gross start, Dominic ambushes your emotions and then jangles them mercilessly to take you on a ride full of hope, exhilaration, twists and joyful resolution.Golfers will love this book, and then anyone else with a soul! Buy it....”

“A brilliant hard to put down book. All for a great cause as well. The main character in the book gives us all hope with our golf!...and the back stories of the other characters keeps you wanting more and more.”

“Whether or not you like playing or watching golf you will enjoy this book.”

“If you love golf (especially if you are wee bit of a softy) you will love this. I read it in 2 sittings, great fun and profits to a great cause, well done Dom.”